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Some people light up the room the moment they enter it -Sharada is one of them. Her infectious smile steals the most hardened critic’s heart, turning him into a sweet potato. The way she prepares food and the minute care she put into it, is divine.  Sharada had worked for us in the bakery and […]


We were approaching the trendy pastel yellow Casta stall; it clearly stood out from the others in terms of its pleasing and aesthetic design. It was tastefully decorated with all the different hues of yellow that signify their house. The meeting lounge, at the corner of the stall was a pleasure to sit at, soft […]


My evening walks are a source of happiness and relaxation, especiallythe stretch along the famed Bellandur lake which attracts a huge variety of birds at dusk. I take a detour later to the Sobha promenade, mixing with the other walkers- old and young alike. My tea stop is usually at the club house; after which […]

Heron’s Greed

The morning walk at the scenic Kaikondahalli Lake was relaxing, mind so refreshed on seeing the wonderful birds taking flight around the manmade island in the centre. The cackle of the red beaked water fowls added to the serene settings, not noisy but genteel. The nearby Heron was best on its acting skills, it just […]

The Budding Hotelier

Circle of Knowledge

Experts say that the percentage of knowledge that a human brain can hold is less than ONE percent of the available information in the world. We fail to realise that 99% of the available knowledge is actually the blind spot. We don’t know that we don’t know!!  We are constantly trying to narrow this gap. […]


As the plane touched down at the Cochin International Airport, the majestic terminal building swung into view. The sight of the coconut treetops from the plane had enlivened our senses, and anticipating the scenic drive, we walked eagerly to meet our host Abdul, who escorted us to the limousine. We were on our way to […]

Clean India- Swatchh Bharat

Few thoughts from a young citizen on what she feels on cleanliness….. I’ve always had these thoughts in my mind as to what is India lacking in today’s times? A constant thought that crops to my mind- Cleanliness and the citizen’s responsibility towards her motherland. Even before our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had said […]


The Orange County was decked up like a pretty bride, much to the delight of its loyal guests and faithful staff. It was the anniversary celebrations and the entire Manipal Centre was going into a carnival mode. The Wild West themed county was the best and the most hip restaurant in Bangalore, right in the […]

Those Magical Words