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Opportunities Galore: Grab Them Before They Fly Off

A favourable or advantageous combination of circumstances; a chance for progress or advancement. To look into the world of opportunities is an art in itself, they say. Ever wondered how many pass by each hour silently, without even striking us. Are we utilising these opportunities judiciously or even engaging them? Maybe that’s our mistake. We […]

A Hotelier’s Love Life

I had recently attended a seminar where the Guru said,“Your life is transient and temporary; the only thing you take back is love. Your actions are remembered.”It set me thinking, both on the personal and career front. Do we love our work, people and the company? Of course we do – if there was no […]


A good Consultant Breathes life into a kitchen

Most often the owners and the architects don’t focus on back end, away from public scrutiny areas like the  kitchen. They treat it as an essential part alright, but don’t consider it as a revenue source nor as the heart of the hotel. Tasty and healthy food presented well has the power of pulling the […]